The Best Canon T3i Camera Review

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The Canon EOS Rebel 3Ti is a digital SLR with 18-megapixel, a movable LCD screen and can zoom 3.1 times. It  has been reviewed by Consumer Reports and here is what they say about it:

  1.      4 out of 5 for flash capabilities
  2.      LCD screen has 4 out of 5
  3.      Video quality has 4 out 5
  4.      View finder quality got 5 out of 5
  5.      Overall image quality is 4 out of 5
  6.      User-friendliness at 4 out 5

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Other strong points are: good image stabilizer (to minimize blurring), the LCD screen can swivel, the audio is good when used as a camera. A negative is that the battery drains somewhat a little bit fast. They still recommend the camera and is deemed a “best buy”.

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